An evening at Deutsche Bank Paris

One of our association member spent an evening at Deutsche Bank in Paris. Here is what our reporter revealed:

  • Concerning the corporate culture:

The investment bank combines the Germanic rigor with an English mentality. This English pattern is a strong difference with American banks.

As candidates, you need to show that your values are the same as the company: digitalisation, disruption and open-mindedness. Moreover, it is strongly advised to include them as keywords in your cover letter.

The best advice I could give you: be proactive and always anticipate the team’s needs!

  • Regarding career opportunities: 

As GEM students, Deutsche Bank is a good first step into investment banking for you! Of course, you need to have a strong first experience in Finance.

Try to be well informed about the Assessments centre, it is the best way to get into investment banking in London or New York. Here is the process: you make a successful Summer, and then a Graduate so you can do some rotations within the company, discover different teams and way of working. During the Graduate programme, there is a tradition: each student can knock at a door, talk to operationals and ask questions, they will always be answered.

Nonetheless, be careful because GEM is not one of the well-known school, so networking is everything!

We hope that this advice has been helpful, good luck with your application!


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