Interview of Alessandro Raboni, Portfolio & Risk Analytics at Bloomberg. (English version)

On September 27th, Grenoble Ecole de Management organizes the Audit & Finance Bootcamp on its Grenoble campus. On this occasion, GFS and GEM offer you a series of testimonials. GEM Finance Society had the opportunity to interview Alessandro Raboni, “Portfolio & Risk Analytics” at Bloomberg, who returns in this interview about his career and his position in the American Financial Group. 


Hello Alessandro, can you tell us about your career and your integration at Bloomberg?

I first completed a Bachelor’s degree in international Relations before integrating the MIB into 2016. In the second year, I applied to Bloomberg and since then I work there. The first few months within Bloomberg are reserved for training with courses on finance, and on the financial products that will be used. After that, you integrate a Junior position in the company and you can work with clients on different projects for one month.

Then you achieve a second more advanced training period before returning to work in a specific field (equities, fixed income, portfolio) to apply your knowledge in the field to clients.

After 4 or 5 months at Bloomberg, you specialize in an asset class or on areas such as multi-asset class or electronic trading. Personally, I had the opportunity to make equity, portfolio, technical analysis and electronic trading.


Why did you choose to work at Bloomberg?

I wanted to invest in a work combining finance and technology. Bloomberg is a great company for that.


Can you describe a typical day of work?

There are many customer appointments. We work with them on different topics such as portfolio (e.g. calculation methods), answer their questions, deploy projects, drive campaigns for a new financial product… There is no “typical day”, but we spend most of our time with our customers.


What do you like most about your job?  

I like the fact that I can learn new things every day, that Bloomberg invests a lot in training or even being in contact with all the departments of the company (sales, engineering).


How did you choose your specialization? And what do you think are the benefits of working at Bloomberg for your career?

It is a personal choice because I was particularly interested in equity. But you are really free depending on your preferences. For a career, Bloomberg provides a general overview of the financial markets and customer needs. In addition, Bloomberg offers you an important exhibition in the financial industry. Finally, you benefit from many trainings, which is a real asset for your career.


Do you have any last advice to give to a student who wants to work in finance?

First to work hard, make sure you don’t underestimate yourself on your CV, put all your relevant experiences ahead and expand your network!


Thank you !


Interview by Mattis Maurinier. Translated by Charles Geoffroy.

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