GEM Investment Club by GFS

The GEMIC is GEM Finance Society’s investors club. As a group of 25 students, we get together every Thursday afternoon in the Trading Room, to discuss possible investments and build our portfolio by taking positions on the market through investing in various types of securities.

Trading Room at Grenoble Ecole de Management (Grenoble Campus)

We are also in charge of running the Bloomberg Market Concepts test, allowing GEM students to take, and ultimately receive this certification from Bloomberg.

Meet the team

  • Marius Thebault : GEM Investment Club responsible – Semester 1
  • Adrien de Boissezon : Co-responsible & GEM investment Club responsible – Semester 2
  • Francis Courbis : Co-responsible
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For any questions regarding our activities, the Bloomberg Market Concepts certification or about the Trading room please feel free to contact us: