Financial Trip episode 2: London

2 days in The City to visit different companies and meet with top of the line professionals. The benefits of being part of GEM Finance Society! Despite Brexit, the call of London for people in finance remains strong. When it comes to business, stock trading and financial operations, The City is still the world’s most … Continue reading Financial Trip episode 2: London

Travel journal of a financial trip: Paris

28 Msc Finance students met and exchanged with major companies during an insightful trip to Paris Coty, BPCE Group and Eight Advisory. These are the companies  which opened the doors to 28 Msc Finance students, on January 28th-29th. Ranked 16th worldwide in the Financial Times, from the Msc Finance course come out graduates with a … Continue reading Travel journal of a financial trip: Paris

Coup d’oeil sur le Private-Equity

Peu connu du grand public et parfois mal compris, le Private-Equity se trouve être un métier passionnant et indispensable à l'économie globale. Intrigué par ce métier, j'ai eu l'opportunité d'interviewer Ivan Massonnat, aujourd'hui "partner" chez PAI Partners, l'une des plus anciennes entreprise de Private Equity française. En quoi consiste le Private Equity ? A quoi … Continue reading Coup d’oeil sur le Private-Equity